Ashley's Testimonial

April 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashley Camire, Owner and Relationship Specialist

What problem were you hoping to solve by working with Learners.ai?

Ashley Camire: Hi, my name is Ashley and my husband and I own a flooring company out of new Hampshire. We were introduced to Learners.ai while we were trying to come up with a CRM for our company, it currently hadn't had one at the time and we needed them to help us integrate our programs into what we now use is HubSpot and they were fantastic. Everything went smoothly, they organized all the meetings, they're very very very easy to work with They understand that not everybody has a sales, marketing, any type of, you know background. In our case it was working with building our CRM and that was very new to me and working with them was a breeze and I really didn't have to think about anything. They did all the work, they told me what to do when they needed me, and it was honestly it was like working with a friend, it was a breeze, so we're thankful we met them and yeah, it's a breath of fresh air.

What do you like most about Learners.ai and why?

Ashley Camire: what do I like most about learners.ai? I think for us it would definitely be a few things. The communication was fantastic. The flow was mindless and they're very results oriented, so they never leave you hanging. When you meet with them, it's like talking to a friend, they understand that not everybody knows and what they know and not everybody is tech savvy. They make things very, very easy and you're never you're never alone in this in this crazy process. So for us definitely, I mean I know we could email them right now and I'd probably get a response back within a few hours, but definitely before the end of the day and communication is key. So That would probably be number one.

Would you recommend Learners? What would you say to other entrepreneurs considering Learners for their business?

Ashley Camire: I would absolutely recommend learners to another business owner, entrepreneur. It's honestly mindless. They took a step by step through the process. I didn't have to stress about anything. They took an extremely overwhelming stressful situation of thinking of integrating everything into our HubSpot CRM. And they just made it so simple with step by step processes, weekly meetings. They were available anytime to talk honestly, you know as a business owner or any entrepreneur you know, that we can't do it all, right? So they say to hire the people who know So take the stress off your plate, higher Learners.ai and let them do the work and create a beautiful peace for you.

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