Jasmin Guerrero RISE Summer Program Testimonial

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jasmin Guerrero, 1st Grade Teacher

Jasmin Guerrero: Hi, my name is Jasmin Guerrero. I'm a first grade teacher. I teach at Brilla Veritas Public Charter School in the Bronx, and I've been teaching there for about four years.

What did you find most helpful about the RISE program?

Jasmin Guerrero: I felt prepared, I felt organized, I felt confident in teaching Math Stories to my scholars.

What kind of results did you see in the classroom?

Jasmin Guerrero: My scholars were more confident when it came to solving math story problems. They were showing their work, they were showing their math thinking they were talking to one another about what strategy they used and how they got to their answer. And that's what it's all about, right, building that confidence in your scholars and the RISE program definitely did.

Would you recommend this program to other schools?

Jasmin Guerrero: I would recommend the summer RISE Program to other schools. It was amazing. It was very helpful. It was very useful. I felt confident when it came to teaching math stories.

Jasmin Guerrero: And thanks to the program, this became more fluent for me, and it became easy for me to better assist my students.

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