Laura's Experience with The Journey of a Cosmic Soul

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Laura, The Journey of a Cosmic Soul Participant

How has "The Journey of a Cosmic Soul" benefited your daily practice?

Laura: Hi, my name is Laura and I've been participating on The Journey of a Cosmic Soul. I would like to say that this is the second time that I participate in 31 days of yoga in January. And I particularly enjoy it because it helps me creating habits to going back to the mat and to keep the practice going on sometimes with holidays. And then this is almost like a gentle reminder to, to keep healthy, to keep in a good shape. From the Journey of a Cosmic Soul perspective. What I particularly enjoyed was the prompts and the mantras. Because actually it, it helps me from a mental perspective. It helps me to find myself truly who I am and then coming back to, to my essence. So thank you so much for those sessions. I really enjoyed them.

How has "The Journey of a Cosmic Soul" impacted your mental and physical being?

Laura: The journey of a cosmic soul has supported me or helped me in, in several ways from an emotional perspective to a physical perspective. From a physical perspective, it has supported me with perseverance and creating habits to actually going back to the mud and keep practicing because I know that this does me good. It helps me feeling good. My mobility is much better. I feel stronger. My body is healthier and I keep pushing my limits that allow me to do all the things like climbing or, or any other kind of like activity that I would like to do. But that otherwise without a good shape, good condition, I would never be able to do. And from a mental perspective, it has been promoting me positive thinking, inspiration, a sense of achievement, accomplishment. It is something that does me good actually, I have been saving those prompts as well so that whenever I feel in a more like tired or motivation is a little bit low, then I can look at them, I can think of them so that actually come back to my true self.

Based your experience with “The Journey of a Cosmic Soul”, will you be signing up for other free programs from Boho Beautiful?

Laura: My relationship with Boho Beautiful has been a journey in itself as well since COVID. Um I discovered the potentiality of actually doing a yoga exercise, sports classes at home and, and, and that has been really, really refreshing, right? Um What I, what I like from those uh journeys of one month or, or certain sessions, it is uh the creation of habits and the, and the perseverance and moving forward, always dedicating a little bit of time and, and yes, of course, I would sign, I mean, I, I love them, right? Um But what I truly enjoy from more beautiful, it is the challenges and the retreats. Um This is what gives me um maybe the most of it. That's what I, what I enjoy most um with the whole um overview from morning to evening to actually go and target one aspect of, of your life or of your body and whether this is like stretching or um toning up or just like a whole um a yoga retreat. Um But I really like those monthly challenges. I, I'm definitely would sign for them.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend "The Journey of a Cosmic Soul" to a friend?

Laura: I've been recommending Boho. Beautiful for a while to friends, colleagues and other moms um for a while already, right from the beginning, I, I was truly inspired by what you were building and I really enjoy it. So I, I keep sharing that. Um why would I keep recommending the journey of a cosmic soul? It is um for the inspiration, the positive thinking, the sense of accomplishment that comes with it, the reinforcement on the good ideas and the good uh narratives to yourself instead of the day to day things that bring you down instead of up. So that's uh maybe the most positive aspect of The Journey of a Cosmic Soul. Additionally, the whole flexibility in the schedule allows you to literally um do the sessions any day, any time of the day without any having any constraints. So it is really easy to actually go and accomplish it instead of leaving it for the next day. But definitely the inspiration is the, is the strongest suit in, in this journey.

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