Jason Worme for Pick-Up & Delivery Workshop Attendee Testimonials

March 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason Worme, Star Laundromats

Why did you choose to attend the Laundromat Millionaire Pick-Up & Delivery Workshop?

Jason Worme: I chose to attend the Laundromat Millionaire pickup and delivery workshop. Um because I wanted to, whilst I thought that um I would probably eventually um create a model that was successful. I really wanted to learn from uh someone who's been in the industry uh far longer than I have uh and made uh the mistakes at their expense. Uh So I saw it as a way as a way to accelerate my timeline uh and reduce uh the costs associated with uh trial and error uh with uh creating my own pick up and delivery model.

Was it worth the investment?

Jason Worme: Was a workshop worth the investment without a doubt, it was definitely worth the investment. Uh So not only did we have two uh very packed days uh with uh Dave and Carla and, and their team uh both uh in the classroom and touring the facilities. Uh But we also came away uh with this uh extensive 100 page uh handbook. And then after the uh workshop was completed, I received a bunch of uh electronic performers uh and templates that um we've been able to use uh since the workshop. And uh I've got to say that uh every day since the workshop, I've found myself referring back to uh either those electronic tools or, or, or the handle to receive. So uh 100% uh worth investment. Um uh and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who's considering it.

What was your overall opinion of the Workshop?

Jason Worme: My opinion of the workshop was that it was comprehensive and well thought out. It was quite clear that Dave and his entire team uh had spent both uh a significant amount of time preparing for the workshop uh and also uh the delivery uh of the workshop itself.

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