Jose Vizquerra - Customer Testimonial Video

August 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jose Vizquerra, President and CEO, O3 Mining Inc

Could you describe how Language Advantage has helped you?

Jose Vizquerra: My name is Jose Vizquerra, President and CEO for O3 Mining, an exploration and development company working in Val d'Or Quebec. Language Advantage has been extremely important in the development of our project and in the development of the relationships with everyone that has to do with our project in Quebec.

What results have you seen?

Jose Vizquerra: Language Advantage has been extremely important for the development of my career, in particularly because now I've seen the results of putting all the effort. After all these years, I've been able to give my first presentation in French after a couple of months of training.

Why would you recommend Language Advantage?

Jose Vizquerra: I certainly encourage everyone that does not speak French and that works in Quebec to use Language Advantage as an opportunity to learn French and to operate in Quebec.

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