Elizabeth Blanco - Customer Testimonial

February 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Blanco, Manager, Registration, College of Early Childhood Educators

Could you describe how Language Advantage has helped you?

Elizabeth Blanco: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Blanco and I'm a manager at the College of Early Childhood Educators based in Ontario. As a bilingual organization. We continue to grow our French capacity and that's not just in who we're bringing onto the team, but also building that capacity with people we currently have on, who have opportunities for growth in their French comprehension, and Language Advantage has been key in that growth. We have staff at different comprehension levels within their classes and we've absolutely seen that growth at all levels. Another important aspect is that Language Advantage not only teaches the language, but it teaches it within the context of our work and it also incorporates language culture. This is extremely important for this for us, considering that we have a lot of front facing roles and we have a lot of opportunities to build relationships with our stakeholders.

What results have you seen?

Elizabeth Blanco: During our time with Language Advantage, our staff have absolutely built their comprehension levels, But almost just as important, our staff have also built their confidence levels in both written and spoken French.

Why would you recommend Language Advantage?

Elizabeth Blanco: Yes, I would absolutely recommend Language Advantage, and I know my colleagues would as well. The teachers are dedicated, knowledgeable and they create lesson plans that meet where you're at while pushing you towards your goals.

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