Amanda Bryan Video Testimonial

September 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amanda Bryan, Agent (Extraordinaire) in CT

How has participating in The EssentiaLIST helped you?

Amanda Bryan: I really like the essential list because it gives me a road map for my week. Um It helps me prioritize what I need to do what I want to do and most importantly what I'm avoiding doing. And because you meet week after week and map it all out, you really do see what you're avoiding, which is almost as telling as what you're actually accomplishing. Plus Lance is hilarious and having a group of agents that are from all over the place doing the essential has actually been nice. I've, I've been building a network um which wasn't even my at all my goal heading into it. But it's, it's nice. It's uh and it's very collaborative and entertaining and it goes by like that.

Who would you recommend working with Lance?

Amanda Bryan: I would recommend working with Lance if you are someone who is stuck in a pattern of work habits or behavior or whatever it is and are ready to have someone who is incredibly insightful about human behavior. Lance and also somebody who can deliver a tough message in a funny and compassionate way because I think a lot of us are just churning along doing the same thing and not even really aware of the the habits that are detrimental to our business. and our overall well-being and, and Lance is so good about focusing, figuring out what the actual problem is and usually the problem is something that you're doing um that you don't even realize you're doing. and he can in a very diplomatic but frank way. course, correct you and it's you never feel judged and you always feel supported and um he's also, he makes it fun and funny.

What has changed for you in your time working with Lance?

Amanda Bryan: Gosh, what has changed uh since I've been working with Lance, it hasn't even been that long. It's been a couple of months and I mean, what hasn't changed? He has me restructuring my partnership um reevaluating nonbusiness related things that are holding me back um in both my business and my life. Um He's just, you know, I, I really can't say enough good things about Lance as a person and as a professional. Um And uh yeah, if you work with Lance, if you're, if you're ready to change and you're ready to self reflect, and I don't mean you have to recreate yourself. It's all tiny little things that you do without even realizing you're doing, realizing you're doing it. So it's not some monumental shift that you need to make. It's like uncanny how he can find small changes that make enormous impact on what you do and your success. So he's the best.

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