Tyree Leander Humphrey for Student Testimonial Videos

March 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tyree Leander Humphrey

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Tyree Leander Humphrey: I can honestly say that anytime I had a question and or you know, needed a quick response, my success coach Alysia, she was very prompt and knowledgeable as needed.

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Tyree Leander Humphrey: If I had to describe Lakewood University in three words, it would have to be first accommodating second encouraging and three inclusive.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Tyree Leander Humphrey: Lakewood University is, you know, night and day, you know, with any other university that I've seen that I've been to Because they offer courses like, like real estate management with Jamal King and entrepreneurship courses with, with, with Eric Thomas um That not only add, you know, impressive credentials to your resume because you know, any university can do that. Um But what separates Lakewood University is the fact that those courses that I just named can make an immediate impact on your life and the lives of those around your loved ones. Um We know Lakewood separates itself by by offering courses like those that provide information um needed to be life changing. It's just it's totally different than what you would expect to get from the university. Just because you know, you know, you go to university, you go to school, you go to get the degree and then a lot of people don't actually end up working in that field or they can't find a job right away after college. You know, they spend all that time and now they're just, you know, working just to pay back loans, whatever it is. But with courses like, like I said, like the real estate management course that I took with the knowledge that I now have like, mm hmm. You know, I'm not going to be in that situation. I'm very thankful for for Lakewood University because of that

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Tyree Leander Humphrey: when I think of what personal benefits or encouragement, you know, I experienced as a result of my studies at Lakewood um certainly increase confidence because of the knowledge and the methods gained as a result of my studies at Lakewood University. In addition my studies only added to my motivation because I've always wanted to live a certain lifestyle, I've always wanted to be able to provide a certain lifestyle too. Um you know, back in the day, back in that time it would be my future family, but now I do have a wife and and Children, so a certain lifestyle that I wanted to provide for them, but never had the methods I needed to get there, you know had these goals, I had these aspirations but I didn't know how to get there and that was the hardest part was figuring out the methods and now because of my time at Lakewood University I have a clear path and a proven formula for the success that I have always dreamed of and I'll be forever indebted, like like I said before, that's what really separates them and I'm so, I'm so thankful to even have heard about Lakewood University, I heard about them through the podcast that I listened to with Jemal King the Secret to Success podcast and I was so happy when I found um an episode where um a lady was, was on there saying that uh for for veterans and military personnel that we would be able to take Jemal King's make real estate real through Lakewood University, I was like wow, like this is literally what I've been praying about, you know, it's finally happening. Um and just when I heard about that, I jumped at the opportunity for it. I was contacting, you know, the university every day. Um Mrs. Tanya Haggins um every day. Just because I wanted to, I wanted to get started, I couldn't wait and I'm just so thankful that I did, I'm so thankful that I found it, I'm so thankful for the university and I think anybody else who takes courses through Lakewood University, you know, especially the course I took or any other courses Lakewood is just, I know that they're different and you would be glad to have gone through there and it will definitely benefit you in the long run. So thank you again, everyone at Lakewood, the Staff, Jemal King, everybody. Um yeah, thank you so much.

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