Larrian Davis for Student Testimonial Videos

March 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Larrian Davis , Military Logistics specialist

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Larrian Davis : One time that lake would help me is when I was really serious about starting my own business, but I had no idea where to start and I lacked the resources. Um Lakewood had a 16 week course that helped me fulfill my need of learning what it took to be a business owner with the legendary here, thomas and um, Mustafa and some more great people that was able to equip me with the knowledge that I needed to be successful in the business space.

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Larrian Davis : three words I would use to describe lakewood would be accountability, um compassion and organized the process to get into Lakewood and start my the entrepreneurship course was extremely easy to help veterans. So I was able to use my government G. I. Bill, which was amazing. The steps were very quick and it took me, no, it didn't take me any time to start the class accountability because they always do check ins if I'm not put my assignments in on time or I feel like I haven't been logging on when I needed to log on there right there with that email to let you know. And that's good to have that type of accountability, especially having a class that's online to remain to keep you discipline and to keep you consistent on fulfilling your test, right? So you can be successful in the end, they're not going to leave you behind. So I feel like those little nice gentle emails to just remind me, hey, you're doing a good job, keep going or hold up, you need to revisit the online again because you've been missing some days. Just little encouragement like that holds me accountable and keeps me disciplined and I'm just forever grateful for the opportunity that they provided for me.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Larrian Davis : One thing that made the Lakewood University unique to me is the fact that I was able to have a live um instructor on zoom taking these online courses. So it was more personable. I got to actually engage with the instructor, talk to them about any questions that I had and I just felt more like it was an in house school setting, even though it was done online. Um normally when I do online courses is usually through email or comments from posting things like that. So I felt like the unique touch that Lakewood gave was providing that live opportunity for you to sit and talk to your instructor when you are taking those entrepreneurship courses. And for that, I thank them.

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Larrian Davis : two added benefits. I can say that I personally benefited from while attending Lakewood would be my increase in confidence and my motivation increased confidence just came because before I took my entrepreneurship course with Lakewood, I was fearful. I didn't think I can start a business. I didn't know how, what I would need to actually start or be successful. I was stuck to be completely honest with you. So having an opportunity with lakewood that granted me, look, we have a 16 week course that's gonna get you together okay. Um being in that course just gave me the empowerment I needed to know that I can do this. I will lack nothing. I have all the resources, I know everything I need to do to be successful. I just have to execute it. So Lake would definitely increase my confidence on the execution of starting a business, the motivation to start the business and just the encouragement knowing that I had my classmates with me, my instructor with me just cheering me on as we all went through the process together.

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