Jaclynn for Student Testimonial Videos

March 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jaclynn

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Jaclynn: Lakewood College helped me find a job. Um After my pharmacy technician course, I got my certification and they found me an externship at a local pharmacy, which landed me a job. I was there for a while until I had my daughter.

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Jaclynn: I'm not sure how I would describe Lakewood College in only three words. Maybe. Simple. It was easy to get started. Um, quick. If you're looking for a certification quick. Probably good. So simple. Quick. Mm hmm. And hmm, reliable. Um, I would say reliable. Simple. Quick and reliable. They got me a job after I finished my certification. Just like they said they would. And I think that's, that's probably pretty good.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Jaclynn: So something about Lakewood University that I think is pretty unique, um, is the fact that they kind of specialize in shorter term certifications. They throw a lot of knowledge at you, uh, in a short amount of time, but it's also self paced, so I'm currently in school somewhere else, um, furthering a different degree and it's week by week with them. Um, I can't start my next week until that monday. Like what university when I went was not like that, I was able to do the entire course in my time, which for me was only four months. So, um, I think that's pretty unique. That's not something you see very often.

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Jaclynn: personal benefit that I got from Lakewood University. Being a graduate from there, I got my job. I found out something that I loved, something that I keep thinking about going back to. Um, so I did the pharmacy technician certification in 2015 is when I graduated early 2015, I got a job right away because of it and I loved it. I loved everything about it. And the only reason why I'm not there now is because I have a beautiful little five year old girl that I take care of instead.

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