Eve Therrien for Student Testimonial Videos

December 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eve Therrien, Lead Pharmacy Technician

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Eve Therrien: So a time when liquid university helped me was when I first applied for my first pharmacy technician job at CVS, they asked me if I had any pharmacy, um, education or experience. And I told them I had graduated from liquid University for the pharmacy Tech uh, certification program. And they said that that was a big plus in my favor, because not a lot of people had gotten any formal education from schools for that kind of position.

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Eve Therrien: So three words that I would use to describe Lakewood University is helpful. They were very helpful when I had questions about anything to do with my program. Um, diverse. They have a lot of different programs that I wanted to try, and I ended up picking the pharmacy technician certification program. But a lot of the programs that they had were very interesting, so diverse, for sure. Um, and I would say also very friendly anytime I had to talk to someone on the phone, they were very friendly. They were very helpful and interesting and just nice all around.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Eve Therrien: I would say something that makes Lakewood University unique is the number of online programs that they have that you can do and how good they are. Like being able to choose from. So many different online programs was a godsend because at the time I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and having those options was amazing.

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Eve Therrien: I actually gained a lot of confidence after I graduated the program that I chose mostly because I never thought I would be able to finish a college program and being able to finish the program. And I did it with honors, was an absolute confidence booster. And when I applied for my first pharmacy technician job, it gave me a lot of confidence knowing that I had that education behind me and it made it easier for me to go in and apply for the job and actually feel like I was going to get it.

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