Dr. William Harrison - Student Testimonial Videos

March 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr William Harrison , Provost

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Dr William Harrison : Hello, this is Dr William Harrison, William Harrison and I'm here to. Actually give a testimonial, a brief testimonial about Lakewood College and I wanted to express the nuances That I found so unique about Lakewood College, which my journey began in the year of 2010. 12 years, time has certainly fallen by. Um Lakewood College came at a time and point in my life when I was working with a medical supply company and a big one here in this region that I reside in Louisiana. Um and it helped me further understand how to deal with people, the people that I had around me, um governmental entities and the community at large where I resided at that time. Um there were a lot of times using the skills that were given to me through the Studies of the Professional Mediation Program Certificate program, which you might see hanging on the wall behind me to my left, that I was able to use those skills on a daily basis. Um and it really made a difference in human interaction. Uh, as as some of you well know that conflict is not only within our daily life existence, but in the workplace, there is a lot of conflict, even during this time, after the boat, during the onslaught of the pandemic and other varying things that happened to us in this life. Um the way I would describe like what college is this? Exemplary or excellent and exciting. You know, I used three es exemplary um because of the fact that everyone there inclusive of its founder, um Tanya Haggins who is a dynamic person along with the rest of the staff even to this very day, always under promise and over deliver, they provide each student and prospective students with the information that they need to be a success, career development, one on 1 consultation and coaching and that's what anyone should look for in a learning or higher learning institution that they want to be a student with. Ah Exemplary was one but the exciting uh each day that I went through the program and I worked long hours In that in that time 12 to 14 hours a day um with that medical supply company when I was doing the studies, but I looked forward to returning home after a long day and getting right to the learning modules um on Active model and just interacting with others and especially within the curriculum, the curriculums and I've looked at other curriculums within Lakewood College but let me deal just specifically with myself the curriculum and learning materials for the professional mediation certification program I haven't seen yet, you know there's other programs out there, not talking about them good, bad or indifferent, but Lakewood Colleges at the cutting edge always coming up with a new way of motivating uh even providing motivational videos uh to encourage you in each day because I think that the staff and especially um Miss Higgins understand that we go through life every day and sometimes we need upliftment and that upliftment is very pertinent to the things that we do um and to help us persevere. And so that's the thing that makes Lakewood University now, Excuse me? I said Lakewood College because it was Lakewood College when I went through but they're offering other programs now. Um Graduate studies. Um Lakewood University is unique in the fact that there is a lot of one on one with a lot of the staff you call in and yes you may have to leave a message because you're not the only one calling in, but they return a call and they address your issues good, bad or indifferent and they get them worked out. I had a occurrence recently where some of the was on my end of technology just didn't correspond to so learning modality or learning module and was able to get on the phone and it was straightened out and there were constant emails sent to me to help me along the way. And that's one thing that a lot of, not even just universities companies now have forgotten you go through this automated automated uh interaction, but not that one on one personable interaction. And that's very important to myself um Personal benefits from dealing with the staff and Miss Haggins at Lakewood University business uh in the year 2010 because of I have other education that actually um and on staff of the university and that's a foreign university. Um But throughout my learning um dealing with because I went and did my university in europe and because of my interaction there and because of completing the professional mediation certification program, I was able to gain entrance into the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Which is based in the UK. They have very stringent rules. Um yes, you have to have education, but the professional mediation course and it's 40 hours or more curriculum. They were impressed by the learning modules, They were impressed by the reading assignments and and just the overall um testimony that I gave them of the course work and the professors and teachers that I dealt with. Um the studies that like we're college. I want to implore each of you not to take lightly. And I said Lakewood College again, liquid university study, persevere, get the most out of it. Stay in touch you on alumna of a great university. Lakewood through blood, sweat and tears has evolved into a great institution that I am and you will be proud of in your attendance. Thank you so much

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Dr William Harrison : three words that I could describe Lakewood University exemplary, exciting and encouraging, actually, encouragement because along the way, motivation is key. Mhm. Tanya Higgins, the founder, has made sure that motivation is key, motivation is king and Queen. Uh You're always encouraged to continue the journey not just with the studies but through life exciting, wow. It makes you enthusiastic because you know that there are people that care about. They're your learning process.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Dr William Harrison : What makes Lakewood University unique? Mhm, mm hmm. Everything from the moment of your enrollment For the incentives that are offered to you to become an a student and the post incentives as an alumni. That's what makes liquid university unique. It's a great place to learn at a reasonable tuition rate that's very key in today's economy, and the staff is excellent.

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Dr William Harrison : personal benefit and how Lakewood University has encouraged me is that I was able do the study's, although I have advanced education to become a member of a prestigious organization called the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, which is based in the UK. Um, through my testimony about their learning modules, curriculum staff and reading assignments, they were very impressed, buy everything involved with Lakewood University and had very kind words to express about my expression towards them. And the one fundamental thing that we have to understand about being human is enthusiasm comes from a sense of pride and accomplishment. And when I think about liquid university, which was liquid college back in the day in 2010 when I first became involved, it makes you well up with a great sense of confidence and realized that you did accomplished something. And isn't that one of the most important things and advancement of self? Is that sense of accomplishment, which gives you a concrete sense of enthusiasm and pride. And that's what liquid university has done for me.

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