Christal Q Walker for Student Testimonial Videos

March 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christal Q Walker

Could you describe a time that Lakewood University helped you?

Christal Q Walker: The time that Lakewood has helped me was, um, in 2000 and 14 when I started, I was a military spouse and it was just Lakewood College at the time before they had the accreditation and we moved a lot and it allowed me to be able to continue my studies as well as move. And nothing changed as far as me being on top of everything, I did end up falling behind during the move and they were able to assist me and getting back on track and making sure that everything was fine to complete the course.

How would you describe Lakewood University in three words?

Christal Q Walker: I would describe Lakewood in three words as amazing, helpful university um, yeah.

What is something about Lakewood University that makes it unique?

Christal Q Walker: what makes Lakewood unique is their willingness to help anyone. And it seems as though every program you enter is kind of catered towards you and your strength and your ability to um assist the success coaches from when I went were amazing. Um I had Tommy love it and um he made sure that um I was fairly up to date on everything that was going on. I would get weekly notices, um kudos if I did well on an assignment and emails to let me know where I was within like within good standings or anything like that, just to let you know where you are and their ability to foster um any skill in that you have or any field that you want to go through. Um they work with you diligently to ensure that you are going to succeed.

What personal benefits or encouragement (increased confidence, motivation, etc) have you experienced as a result of your studies at Lakewood

Christal Q Walker: Well at Lakewood, the benefits that I received was um always having a plan and moving forward. Um It was beneficial that the first um for me, the first certification was paid for by the university, um I ended up failing, but it did show me where I was, and then the next time I was able to complete it and get certified in the medical billing and coding field. But the benefits of the university, I would say allowed me the capabilities to be able to um speak with anyone and everyone anytime somebody asked me about a good university to attend for medical billing and coding paralegals or anything like that, I always um Lakewood University, um the

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