Kumiko's Experience with Boho Beautiful Official

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kumiko Kemmochi

How has Boho Beautiful Official benefited your daily yoga or meditation practice?

Kumiko Kemmochi: This is Kumiko from Japan. Boho Beautiful has really helped me calm down, relax and become really peaceful in the morning. with the meditation programs and your yoga programs have really helped me rejuvenate myself and get energized and also relax. If I do like yoga and also the community and your videos have helped me feel at home and not lonely when I'm doing these yoga and meditation programs. So, thank you very much.

How has Boho Beautiful Official impacted your mental and physical well-being?

Kumiko Kemmochi: Boho Beautiful Beautiful Official has helped me really come back to myself. In terms of both physical and mental, like when I'm really busy I have a busy day and my brain is, is going nuts. really like chaos in my mind. I, your, your programs help me really, calm down and relax and become myself. And also when I'm not feeling, you know, very happy I'm depressed. your apps, um, help me really, um, energize myself and also release all the negativity that's, that's accumulated in me. So it feels really nice, really, relieved and, back to my whole self, when I do your program. So thank you very much.

How do you prefer to use Boho Beautiful Official, and how often?

Kumiko Kemmochi: And how often um well, preferably I, I mean, ideally every day. Well, I, I like doing meditation in the morning every day. In terms of yoga, not always, every day, I often get um off the mat daily and even um like for months, I, I don't do yoga and then II I look at your monthly uh videos and, and your messages and, you know, you remind me to come back to the mat. So that really helps me continue my yoga journey. Although, you know, even though I often get out of track, um get off the mat, but you help me come back again and that's that's really good. That's a really beautiful journey.

What is the #1 reason you would recommend Boho Beautiful Official to a friend?

Kumiko Kemmochi: Well, the number one reason I would recommend um her beautiful official to a friend would be because of, well, Juliana and Mark you two are such beautiful souls and you inspire me so much um and encourage me so much. not only through your yoga,pilates um meditation programs, but also through, you know, your daily life and, and how you live your life off the mat and, and your, you know, your love and love and kindness and compassion and, and I don't know the, the your, your energy um that you have towards yourself, your family and us, the community. So thank you. Thank you so much. I love you all.

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