Krista Swiss - I'm going! Are you?

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Krista Swiss: Hi, I'm Krista Swiss with PDI In Georgia and Tennessee.

Why do you go to the American Lighting Association Conference?

Krista Swiss: I come to conference for multiple reasons. Number one I love the lighting industry. I love the friends and colleagues that I've made throughout the years attending ALA I also like all of the breakout groups that we get to do, getting more information from other distributors and vendors and reps and multiple markets, you know, different - just a lot of great ideas, A lot of learning. I just I love it. I always bring something back with me that I get to share with my teams back at PDI.

Why should I come?

Krista Swiss: ALA is awesome. You're gonna want to attend and you're gonna bring so much back with you. So much knowledge. Brand new friendships, brand new partnerships. Just so many memories you're gonna bring back with you as well as like I said more knowledge and experience. You'll love it. You gotta go,

Lake Tahoe

September 10-12

Krista Swiss: I'm going, are you?

Krista Swiss: Can I sing? Hello...

Krista Swiss: Lightovation time, come on There's a party going on right here. It happens twice a year. So bring your note pads and your scanners too, you know, something like that literally. I'm thinking like this. Isn't that fantastic though?

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