Mya Robinson for Kueen Testimonial Videos

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mya Robinson, Kueen Mya

What were you able to accomplish during the program? (physically, mentally, socially, etc)

Mya Robinson: I was able to accomplish many things in the queens community. I was able to mentally get to a better place with my body. And while I'm still working on fully loving my body, I've made it to a place of neutrality. You know, I don't hate my body when I look at it in the mirror anymore. And that's a lot of progress from where I started in this program. Um, you know, I was able to increase my knowledge about fitness and nutrition, um, and I was able to use areas of the gym that I had never touched before for my workouts, and I was able to actually get the confidence to take up space in those areas.

Why is the Never Diet Again program different from other similar products or services?

Mya Robinson: This program is different from all the others, like it, mainly because of how individualized it is. You know, you get workout and nutrition tips that works specifically for you and your goals, you know. But I truly think the most special part of this program is the community that's built. You know, not only do you get amazing support from coaches and other clients, but you also get to watch those that you've connected with, achieve their winds and get results. And everyone there can remind you of how far you've come from, where you started when you start feeling blue and down on yourself. Believe me. I know. Um but yeah, this is just an amazing community.

What was your favorite part about this program? Would you recommend this to others?

Mya Robinson: My favorite part of this program is the individualization, the coaches tailor your program to your body and your goals, and honestly, for that alone, I'd recommend this program to anyone in literally everyone.

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