Amy Rushing for Kittle Real Estate

June 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Amy Rushing, Listing Specialist

How has Kittle Real Estate helped you grow as an agent?

Amy Rushing: Hi, this is Amy Rushing, Listing Specialist with Kittle Real Estate. How has Kittle Real Estate helped me grow as an agent? I started from scratch with Kittle Real Estate back in January 2017. I knew nothing about real estate. I had a sales background, um, but I knew nothing about the area. I moved here from out of state, so I didn't have any contacts to really build a real estate business with. So at Kittle Real Estate, not only did I get hands-on training, a lot of contacts with videos and seminars and role playing with experienced agents, I also was given so much opportunity with new leads coming in. So I was able in my first year of business to do 29 transactions. Now this last year, I did 88 and so I think total, I've sold over $100 million in real estate and that's such a short timeframe in four years. So I owe it all really to Kittle Real Estate. The team has really given so much to build me in my career and um, yeah, I wouldn't be able to do what I do without them.

How has Kittle Real Estate helped you provide better service to clients that you couldn't have done as a solo agent?

Amy Rushing: The team at Kittle Real Estate has helped me provide better service to my clients because now my client is not just getting my own expertise, they're getting the expertise in my entire team. So of course, you know, work life balance is hard, right, especially in real estate, it's a seven day a week job and I always have to be on, I always have to be available for my clients. But thankfully I have some flexibility because my clients also get my transaction coordinator, um, my listing specialist helps me with paperwork to get ready to go on the market. I have a Stager. I have um, you know, someone doing compliance for me in the background so that I'm not having to deal with all of the mundane daily things. Instead, I'm able to focus on my clients, giving them incredible customer service and being able to make sure that I can hone in my negotiation skills and follow up with them on a regular basis. So beyond that, you know what I love about our team is we pull together our resources. Um, we've got a great colleague who puts together great gifts for our clients and puts together amazing events for our clients and of course I'm a part of that, but I'm not having to focus on every detail instead the team is doing as a whole. And so I'm able to really serve my clients with the best customer service that I could ever provide. I don't know how I could do uh give the customer service that I do at this level if it was just all on me, I think I would get bogged down on a lot of the office work and thankfully I can focus on my clients and helping them have an amazing experience.

How has Kittle Real Estate helped you net more money?

Amy Rushing: Kittle Real Estate has helped me net more money in many, many ways. So number one, if you're in sales, you watch your numbers right, if you're 100% commission, you know exactly where you're at, you know how many sales you need to get etcetera. Well there's a few things for Kittle Real Estate that makes it easy. I've never purchased business cards- as simple as that. I mean all the marketing material that I use to promote myself, my business to promote Kittle Real Estate, all of that is provided from Kittle, which is something that just simplifies it. I don't even have to worry about it. I just stop by the office, I grab whatever sort of marketing materials I need, whether it's koozies, whether it's folders or listing presentation books, you name it, it's there for me, balloons for an open house, it's there um signs for the open house and all of those things. I'm not having to worry about purchasing. But then beyond that, whenever I start looking at the amount of homes that I sell, and now I already have an assistant built in, I'm not having to hire another assistant instead, I'm able to do a lot more volume because our staff leverages me, right, my staff helps me do more. Um, so that at the end of the day I end up netting more money whenever I look at the amount of business that I bring and I do a lot of business of my own sphere, so my own clients um and I've been steadily building that over the years, but if you're new in real estate, it's very hard to build that. And so this, Kittle Real Estate gives you an opportunity to really hit the ground running. Um and so I've been here for going on five years and I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.

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