Keshav Dindoyal, Tax Supervisor - Berg Kaprow Lewis

April 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Keshav Dindoyal, Tax Supervisor, Berg Kaprow Lewis LLP

Keshav Dindoyal: Prior to the use of Glasscubes we used to send information requests, or any request for information to our clients via email, and this in itself was quite a tedious process, as either you had to send your emails to the clients one by one, or if we were doing a blind copy function, we need to make sure that there's no breach of data. So, you needed to be really, really on the ball effectively to send information requests to clients.

Did you have any concerns about moving to a new solution like Glasscubes, and were any of these subsequently realised?

Keshav Dindoyal: As with any new solution like Glasscubes, making the switch from what we used to have onto a new portal, especially a new portal, like Glasscubes, we had a few concerns and we weren't sure whether they [Glasscubes] would work as we wanted to work, if they will hit the intended targets, or recipients, in a timely manner, and whether people in our team would be able to use it comfortably. We were able to do some testing and we believed that we were able to address a lot of issues as far as our set of clients are concerned and we raised the necessary points with Glasscubes and ever since we've been working together on a frequent basis.

Please describe working with us. How has Glasscubes helped you, your firm, and/or your clients?

Keshav Dindoyal: Using Glasscubes has been a pleasant experience thus far, not just for for me but I believe for my firm, and my clients. Glasscubes is quite easy to use, and I think it achieves efficiency in that it has automatic reminder features, be it for information requests or approvals. So I think from that side of things, it allows us to focus on other matters and try to get other things done. For our clients as well, you know, from our client's perspective, they found Glasscubes quite easy to use, be it for uploading the information or sending us the approval, and they're already asking us to send them the new links for the 2023/24 tax year, which is quite amazing.

Keshav Dindoyal: I personally would highly recommend Glasscubes to anyone I believe I know need a solution like this, again, due to the benefits, the various benefits associated with the portal like Glasscubes. I'd say anyone who's watching this video should act now and get in touch with Glasscubes and try to find a solution, because they are a team of very efficient people and they can tailor a solution for any organisation really, in no time at all.

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