Keertana's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Keertana

Keertana: Hi, my name is Keertana, and I'm from India. I really loved the Blissful Body Bootcamp because it was very fun and also very challenging. The first day was very challenging and really hard, but from the next day my body realized that it was going to be hard and I came with the same mindset. But it was, it was always fun to come back next day to challenge myself, and each workout was different from the other. So I really enjoyed it. And even before I could see the results, my parents noticed that I had become thin. And I myself could noticed some changes because normally I would, my body will shake a lot when I do boat posture or plank. But then after the one week challenge, I realized that I could hold the postures for a long time.

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