Kayla's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kayla

What would you tell other mamas about the Blissful Body Bootcamp?

Kayla: I loved this seven-day program. As a mama of a seven month old, I need to do quick 15 minute workouts, so this is absolutely perfect for my needs. With short amount of time to do workouts and wanting to spend as much time as possible with my little one, but also coming back to my strength in my body and really coming back to myself with my fitness and trying to achieve some fitness goals postpartum. So thank you for the awesome seven day program and I hope that anybody else who has a short amount of time to work out enjoys the program as well. It is such a good workout every single time. Thank you.

Cristina Morrison : Hello. I just finished the seven day Boho Beautiful Bootcamp series and it was really good. Um I have a three month old baby so it was exactly what I needed. Those 15 minute workouts were perfect and they were pretty hard, pretty tough. Um I was definitely feeling them the next day, my arms and legs. And it was very motivating to have that, you know, rigid seven days like hey this is what I'm gonna do every day for the next seven days and I actually did it. I did take a break one day to do one of the yoga, like alternate exercises. And then I even did it on day eight. So I feel like it was really good help me get back into a routine of having a daily fitness practice again and I really enjoyed it.

Hello. I'm Kristen. I'm 45 years old and I just finished the Blissful Body Bootcamp. Like all of Juliana and Mark's workouts, they are quick, effective fun. I got the results I'm looking for and I never lose interest in doing these workouts. I do them every single day. I really, really loved the Blissful Body Bootcamp & on day seven I actually found out I was pregnant, and I've been trying for a really, really long time and I knew a part of that was prepping my body and making sure I was in the best mental space and physical space and you guys really, really helped me out with that. So this, this course was extra extra special for me. I've been telling myself all along that if I were actually able to get pregnant on my own that I knew I would have Juliana's prenatal course to look forward to. So that'll be my next part of this journey. Thank you for everything sincerely. You've changed my life.

Thank You, Mamas! We see you. We love you. We honor you.


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