Kaya - Why we do what we do

July 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma, Global Managing Partner, Kaya

Why we do what we do

Lianne Sipsma: As practising Organizational Psychologists, we've shown up to work for the past 22 years for the same two outcomes: to have an impact and create a legacy embodied in the people we encounter. And while there are fewer online clips of our work and we've never got to look in awe at the pale blue dot, we have had the privilege of seeing our clients' faces light up when they learned something new and we have enjoyed the deep satisfaction of our coaching clients progressing through the ranks of an organization. We too, are in the business of impact and legacy. At Kaya, the founding team draws on 80 years of shared experience and leverages decades of psychology research. As scientist practitioners we draw on these and other tested strategies to influence how people act, think and feel at work. We change people's lives by shifting their thinking so they get better results in life. This benefits not only the people but also the organizations, teams, and communities within which they live and work. That's the social impact we seek to make.

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