Business Model

July 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma , Global Managing Partner , The Kaya Group

Kaya Wellbeing Business Model

Lianne Sipsma : Our business model is focused on delivering value to internal and external stakeholders in the form of 1) extracted value for individuals. By this we mean a replicable method that produces enduring wellbeing resources. We hear people saying, "It's frustrating when I try but nothing really changes in my life. I'm happy to put in some effort to shift my wellbeing thinking because I want to feel good and do well - for good." And secondly, extracted value for Boards and Executive Leadership. And by this we mean a data set that informs strategic and tactical initiatives to enhance how the company treats its employees and drives productivity. They say, "We want to honor our social role in a sustainable way by equipping employees to live their best and most productive lives at work and at home." To do this, we need the help of key partners such as yourself. We need technology partners for design, development, and the hosting of technology solutions and we need management and other professional partners in areas like finance, legal and go-to- market strategies.

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