Scenario: Route to scalability

July 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma , Global Managing Partner , The Kaya Group

SCENARIO: Route to scale and profitability

Lianne Sipsma : Scenario planning provides an indication of the route to scale and profitability. Investments will be applied to developing technology solutions, recruiting and training a sales team and wellbeing coaches, implementing customer support systems, and continuing ongoing product development. Initial sales will originate from existing clients using existing products. The primary customer is viewed as the Board or Executive Leadership of organizations, while the primary product is the well- being data package comprising of individual assessment, collated organizational data, benchmarking data, trends and predictions, additional services, including coaching and consulting. Packages are based on fixed US dollar values and assumptions are made regarding the number of packages sold within a year and a growth of 150% year on year. A further assumption relates to the ratio of a 1:10 salespersons, to packages sold. This is indicative only and for further discussion.

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