Lianne Sipsma for I/O Psychology Video Testimonials

June 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma, Global Managing Partner, The Kaya Group

What prompted you to become a Psychology Board-approved Supervisor?

Lianne Sipsma: Supervision is like the campfire of our profession. The stories told over the firelight of the supervision session builds community. It encourages critical thought, and it fuels reflection. Community campfires such as those practiced by the African Kalahari Bushmen depend on members of the community arriving and contributing their unique insights and perspectives through personal experiences - their stories. Being a Board Approved Supervisor is my opportunity to continue to sit at our profession's campfire... because I believe in the future of Organizational Psychology.

What is one personal benefit about being a Psychology Board-approved Supervisor?

Lianne Sipsma: Supervision keeps me agile! In the forum of supervision I'm called upon to role model some of our profession's key technologies including outstanding listening, the generous sharing of perspectives and mutual courageous reflection. I regard that as a benefit of supervision.

What is one professional benefit about being a Psychology Board-approved Supervisor?

Lianne Sipsma: one of the benefits from a professional perspective of supervision is that quality supervision is a veritable treasure trove of diverse perspectives. For all the participating parties, supervision means I don't get too hung up on my own views.

What is your advice to someone who is considering completing the Psychology Board-approved supervisor training?

Lianne Sipsma: Think global professional registration is a strategic career decision designed to expand your global relevance and mobility, think accelerated and facilitated growth supervision expedite self reflection in a safe, growth focused environment and think pragmatically, when is the best time in my career to add profession oriented coaching and act?

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