Impact and Legacy

June 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Impact and legacy

Impact and legacy. Well, those are two words that conjure up all kinds of images. Take, for example, those heartwarming Youtube videos of deaf babies hearing their parents voices for the first time. Well, those fit for purpose engineered devices are making an impact. Or perhaps it's our planetary astronauts who are prepared on our behalf to be hurtled into space at 25,000 mph in order to discover things. Well, that's a legacy. My name is Lianne Sipsma and I'm the Global Managing Partner at The Kaya Group and we'd like to thank you in anticipation of the time that you'll spend working through our presentation. Our intention is to share with you some of the problems that we currently are solving and the value that we believe that we are creating and that with a view to informing you as we seek to co-collaborate and partner with organizations such as yourselves in leaving a social legacy and making a real world impact.

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