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October 04, 2022

Kaya's interest in wellbeing and high level overview of 'how we got here'.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma, Managing Global Partner , The Kaya Group

Kaya and wellbeing

Lianne Sipsma: A confluence of factors including parallel pandemics, one viral, the other mental health, has placed wellbeing front and centre. On our agendas, in our inboxes and under the microscope. And it couldn't have come sooner. At Kaya, we've had the benefit of a head start. We've been researching wellbeing for the past 14 years, spurred on by our clients' stories which, while filled with affirmations of the value of people in organisations, were also laden with anecdotes of employees who are running on empty, barely surviving and failing to thrive. And in our research and design phase we dug deep. As Organisational Psychologists, we wanted to fully understand what wellbeing is, why it matters, how it works and of course what it looks like in action. And then to make it our own. What do we mean by wellbeing at Kaya and truly what it means for people to feel good and do well, at home and at work. And it's a no brainer - wellbeing, if practiced as a discipline, is the antidote for people who feel that they're unable to face the challenges and demands of daily life. We've used the science of Psychology, personalisation and technology to craft a holistic and systemic model of wellbeing and then we've gone and designed, tested and improved our proprietary wellbeing tools. We have to know how and the stories of how people and organisations can build wellbeing capability for good.

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