Lianne Sipsma for Kaya Team Bio Videos

July 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lianne Sipsma , Global Managing Partner , The Kaya Group


Lianne Sipsma : Hi, I'm Lianne. Kaya has been part of my story for the past 20 years, 14 of which where I've been a part of the business. But even before then, when Jan, the founding Partner and I conjured up a vision of an organizational psychology practice and we were just newly qualified graduates with a passion that typifies people in helping professions as organizational psychologists. We wanted to improve things. People organizations make things better, so better working lives for individuals, better leaders to lead the way and better organizations for the people that work in them.

What's your favorite part of working at Kaya?

Lianne Sipsma : For me, Kaya is like a campfire. You know, the kind I'm talking about, practiced the world over. That's where communities, people come together and they share, they share their personal reflections, insights, experiences - their stories. Being a member of the Kaya team is my opportunity to sit at a professional campfire and encounter a diversity of thoughts and explore how we can take that thinking and apply it directly into people's lives in a way that is going to bring enduring positive change, for good.

Beyong the bio

Lianne Sipsma : I love nature. I find it honest and inspirational. Nature is a perfect opportunity to reflect on things beyond oneself. Nature provides a clarity of thought for me, whether that's sitting under a large tree or having my hands dirty in the ground. My family and special people, my husband and my children are the fuel that drives me.

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