Wayne Ogden for Client Testimonial Videos

January 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Wayne Ogden

Tell us what your reason for needing a lawyer was AND why you chose Kass & Moses, P.C. to represent you.

Wayne Ogden: After having gotten into an accident that had both caused injury enough for me to go to the emergency room as well as totaling out my vehicle, I decided to look into attorneys for automobile accidents and actually I came across one name that stood out amongst the rest, mostly because they had a partiality toward motorcycle accidents that they represented. Kass & Moses was the firm that I kept coming up with. And after doing a little research and finding out how they had gotten into business, I decided to give them a call and get a consult. After the consultation, and of course after Joe Moses had personally telephoned me back and spoken with me, he instilled in me a sense of hope and a great sense of confidence into what what their law firm was willing to work for regarding my case. He certainly had given me several options and, and methods by which I could be compensated that the insurance company from the at fault driver had not informed me of. And that was when I had realized that I had actually been compensated rather unfairly. So I hired Kass & Moses based on contingency and they worked absolutely to keep in touch with me to let me know every step of the way what they were doing. And there was nothing that they would do without my permission and without my advisement with them. They certainly gave me absolutely all my options and they're genuine concern and care regarding my case was what has ultimately made me very, very grateful that I did come across Kass & Moses. Joe Moses is by far one of the most genuine people I've ever spoken with. And that says a lot when it comes to attorneys. I believe wholeheartedly in the work that their legal team does. And I couldn't have asked for honestly a better advisor. And at this point I really consider them more than acquaintances and more than just a legal team that is taking care of me. They've actually really, really found a spot in my heart and I do appreciate Kass & Moses for everything they've done for me.

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