Wayne Ogden for Client Testimonial Videos (2)

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Wayne Ogden

How has the outcome of your case impacted your life?

Wayne Ogden: Let's see how has the outcome affected my life. Well, sorry, it helped me get back on my feet again, it helped me not - it helped me with the anxieties that I felt behind having lost my vehicle. Just a bunch of stress, you know, occurs whenever your injured, to the point of not being able to work for several weeks. And the amount of attention and concern that they give is just, it's almost overwhelming, but having said that they allowed me to keep a roof over my head, they allowed me to maintain my family, they've allowed me to maintain my bills and I never got too far behind because they've been there every step of the way. They've helped me handle things one day at a time. And then after that, once things started to roll along a little bit easier one week at a time and having them there in my corner allowed me to probably to recover faster. You know, stress is a killer and being able to recover the way I did and come back in decent shape in good shape rather, I attribute largely in part to them and their help. They allowed me to get through it and being able to return to work and go to work in a full capacity and being able to take care of my daily life again on my own has been massive. Just that alone is actually worth its weight in gold. And just knowing the compensation was still on the way, it made me realize that there's a lot that I can do with it, too. A lot of important things that I can do with it too help further secure myself and my future. It's not gonna be squandered. And I have to say that he's also- Joe Moses is partly responsible for that installation of responsibility in my life. Because I looked at the way that they gave my case and everything that they did with me, their genuine concern and you know, they're there fighting for me to work every facet of my compensation and to make me feel as valued as I feel. It helped me understand the value of what they were doing for me. And it made me realize that I shouldn't waste it on frivolous things, that I should definitely utilize the tools they've given me. And the financial compensation in my cases, it's gonna be a massive help. It's gonna be the next chapter of my life. It'll likely help me start my own business honestly, and it doesn't take much capital when you've got a plan and you've had a plan for a long time and I have and looking further into it, it won't take nearly as much as I thought it would. And they've given me more than enough there. They're an amazing law firm and their genuine care and concern for their clients is evident from the first moment you speak to them.

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