Stephanie Nicole Ridgeway for Client Testimonial Videos

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Nicole Ridgeway

Tell us what your reason for needing a lawyer was AND why you chose Kass & Moses, P.C. to represent you.

Stephanie Nicole Ridgeway: It took us four days of looking up attorneys to find Andrew Kass and as soon as we called him, he was here that night. We live in Kentucky. He lives in Illinois and he was here that night. Every week, Vincent is calling to check on us. Every week they are telling us what's going on. And there were moments when I felt broken and didn't know how to proceed but I could call him or Andrew and they always gave me guidance. The best best attorney I've ever met in my life. If you guys want to have somebody that's gonna make sure you are taken care of. You have to hire Andrew Kass. We received $200,000. My husband had a broken hand, a dislocated thumb, a shattered kneecap and a gash across his leg. His helmet did stay on. He received 25 stitches in his leg. I received 20 in my face. Um and Andrew was there every step of the way. Even after we got our settlement, he was still calling us, making sure you're okay. If you guys want to know what it feels like to actually be treated like a human being and have somebody work that hard for you, this is who you need to call. Thank you, Andrew.

Describe your experience with Kass & Moses, PC and the outcome they obtained for you.

Stephanie Nicole Ridgeway: If you guys want to know who's gonna take care of you, who is going to be there every week, every day, every phone call, every text message and explaining everything to you, even in layman's terms, this is a team you need to have. Andrew and Vincent were some of the best people I've ever met. They went out of their way to make sure we were okay. You have have to put your faith into them because they will always do well for you always.

How has the outcome of your case impacted your life?

Stephanie Nicole Ridgeway: To explain how this has impacted us, my husband can no longer work. He was a mechanic. Um His right hand has a plate and screws in it. His left hand had a - I'm sorry his left hand has plate and screws in it. His right hand has dislocated thumb that did not set properly. Um so he can no longer use his hands. I am allotted 30 hours a week. Can't work more than that. I am not allowed to bend, squat, crawl, crouch, climb or stairs for the rest of my life. And disability does not want to pay for that. So it's rough but I'm here. That's a big plus.

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