Nathan Huppert for Client Testimonial Videos

December 05, 2022

Client testimonial regarding representation by Kass & Moses, PC for an injury suffered in a bicycle crash.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathan Huppert

Tell us what your reason for needing a lawyer was AND why you chose Kass & Moses, P.C. to represent you.

Nathan Huppert: I was involved in a bike crash and suffered injuries and damaged my bike, so a member of my bicycle club recommended I reach out to Andrew Kass because they helped another member of our bicycle club when that person had suffered a crash.

Describe your experience with Kass & Moses, PC and the outcome they obtained for you.

Nathan Huppert: My experience in working with Andrew Kass in his office was very positive. This is the first time I needed an attorney for something like this, and they were very helpful in guiding me through the process, help me seek and obtain the medical treatment I needed and recover damages suffered to my bike.

How has the outcome of your case impacted your life?

Nathan Huppert: The outcome of my case has been very positive. I was able to get the medical treatment, which has allowed me to regain full mobility and strength, my shoulder, which has allowed me to continue to play with my young boys. I was able to replace my bicycle with a new bicycle, so I'm able to continue to bicycle and that's been great for my well being and health, so overall, very positive.

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