Kristoffer Adams for Client Testimonial Videos

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristoffer Adams

Tell us what your reason for needing a lawyer was AND why you chose Kass & Moses, P.C. to represent you.

Kristoffer Adams: I was in Illinois. I'm from Tennessee and I hit a tree in northern Illinois and it came out of nowhere and I slapped about as hard as you can slap it. I didn't even want to go to the doctor until I started just aching and I was hurting. I went to the doctor and the doctor was like, you should look up a lawyer and I looked up a lawyer. I saw Kass & Moses and the rest is history and I'm glad it was history because they are very responsive. The responsiveness is what kept me there because it took a few years.

Describe your experience with Kass & Moses, PC and the outcome they obtained for you.

Kristoffer Adams: My experience with Kass & Moses in relation to the case and getting everything sorted out was I'd have to say pristine. Every time I had an issue they will facilitate, we had a couple of family emergencies. They were able to help me secure some funds that was able to allow me to help my family, which was very, very important to me because family is everything. And then finally, when it was time to sort the case out they got me a sufficient amount of money, I could feel like that I at least got something for my aches and pains that I'm gonna have for the rest of my life.

How has the outcome of your case impacted your life?

Kristoffer Adams: What can I say? The outcome? It's not perfect, but it was the best I could have got. And I know I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't been with Kass & Moses. They listened to me bug them about every little detail going down to the final countdown and they was able to give me what I needed to help take care of my family and still not lose my business throughout the course of the year, which is the most important thing to me to be able to do both because I'm trying to build a future for my family. Thank you. Kass & Moses for coming through in the nick of time and always dealing with my phone calls.

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