Cory Barter for Client Testimonial Videos

January 16, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cory Barter

Tell us what your reason for needing a lawyer was AND why you chose Kass & Moses, P.C. to represent you.

Cory Barter: Um, I was attempting to file for disability or temporary disability and somehow stumbled on one of their ads and Attorney Kass called me and I immediately liked the guy. Then I talked to Vincent, who's probably the most efficient and proactive person I've met. He just gets stuff done.

Describe your experience with Kass & Moses, PC and the outcome they obtained for you.

Cory Barter: And, I didn't even think I was even eligible for any type of settlement or personal injury because my license was suspended in the motorcycle accident. So, but Vincent said no, he saw me, I saw the insurance and I was covered. So my experience with these guys is awesome.

How has the outcome of your case impacted your life?

Cory Barter: Since my accident, I haven't been able to work,\ so I'm falling pretty far behind. But with a settlement, I'm able to buy a vehicle and get a lot of stuff back on track, so it's made a huge impact.

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