Karl Weinmeister for Google Applied ML Summit Speaker Videos

May 27, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karl Weinmeister, Manager, Developer Advocacy, Google

Please introduce yourself, your organization and the session you are speaking at.

Karl Weinmeister: Okay. Hey everyone. I'm Karl Winemeister from Google's Developer Relations team. I'm going to be speaking at the Deploying and Explaining your ML model tutorial session at the Applied ML Summit. My session is all about how to make an ML model you've built available to your users and applications in the cloud. You also learn about explainable AI and how you can use it to understand how your model works.

What are you most excited about participating in the Applied ML Summit?

Karl Weinmeister: I'm excited about the Applied ML Summit because it will bring together the data science community to discuss some of the most important topics and machine learning today. each of the tutorial tracks is 30 minutes of fresh hands on content. They're also be some really interesting customer case studies and practical career advice sessions you can attend.

What is your key message for data scientists and ML engineers attending the event?

Karl Weinmeister: The key takeaway for anyone attending is that we'll have a breadth of topics to pick from whether it's technical or practical applied content that you're looking for. I look forward to speaking at the event and to seeing you there.

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