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December 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Kutnovsky, Mexico

David Kutnovsky: chivo Anda fue Miami Este cinco no One of my experiences of true change with the Kabbalah Centre, was when, I think I was 12, I moved from Israel to Mexico, and it was a very big move for me. It was very overwhelming and it tended to bring a lot of guilt, you know, of what my friends from Israel may think about me, or what my parents might think about me, because they were working so hard at school. And, I think that the answer for that At least that I found, was acceptance of the situation and then, appreciating where I am And also who I am at the end of the day, you know. Because I think. when a person feels guilt, at least Again, in my case, it was that I wasn't happy with who I was, but that I was more concerned with what people were thinking of that non good version of myself, I guess you could say. So I think appreciation is the way to go. I think appreciating who you are, your beliefs, your power. Understanding that there's so much more Powerful and yet so much more potential than what you let yourself. I think, especially as teens, you know, we We under evaluate ourselves a lot, you know, so, I think it's important to keep our chins up. And Not be shy, or scared to stand up for who we truly are For all of our unlimited and amazing selfs that we truly are.

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