My daugter got SIGNED with VIP!

July 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paris

How did you find K'la Model Maker & what made you sign up?

Hi Kayla, My name is Perez. My daughter Shiloh just got signed. Um We are over the moon. We are so happy. I can't believe it. We're so lucky to find Kayla. Um I knew that my daughter had a potential um every time I see her like holding the phone and you know, talk in the mirror, I knew that she wanted to do acting and modeling and um I went online and google and I I knew that something was wrong because they told me that I needed to pay and it was not small money. They were asking for like thousands of dollars that your daughter had potential but you have to pay and they're asking me to get headshots done. But before I pay I went ahead and I started google because they didn't give me options or who I should um go to for head shots. So I had to google check online and I found James Mcrae photography and I went ahead and got my headshots done, shallows, headshots done and when we got there he

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