Stefani Chang- VIP Client

July 10, 2022

Stefani had great results with the VIP program

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stefani Chang

How did you find K'la Model Maker & what made you sign up?

Stefani Chang: I found Kayla's instagram on Shaggy's instagram page. Um, I went to her page, she had a lot of kids signed, seemed pretty convincing. She was going live quite often, so I tuned into a few of her lives and within a few days she had me sold on whatever she was saying.

Did you do the course or VIP? What result did you get?

Stefani Chang: What he said we did the V. I. P. Program. Um, I, a couple of agencies reached out to me. I think three agencies reached out to me within three days, probably of her sending out our submissions.

What would you say to someone who is still a little skeptical?

Stefani Chang: I think for anyone who's still skeptical, I would definitely recommend tuning into a few lives, um, going to a few of the parents pages that she's posted, who she's helped. Um, and that's what really made me comfortable. Just you can tell she was very genuine and what she was saying, she knew what she was talking about and all of the parents that were posting, you know, what she's done for their family and kids proof it's all in the pudding.

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