Model Search Winner SIGNED in Atlanta!

July 03, 2022

Video Transcript

How did you find K'la Model Maker & what made you sign up?

Hi everyone, my name is Mercy and this is baby leah mama say hi, so Kehler Malia is one of your the winner of one of your model search on instagram. The first one you did and I never knew, no one told you, you told me about you. So what happened was I was just going through instagram so I've been googling and browsing and you know how they refer when you do that. Like they already have your data and they refer things like down instagram. So I just saw your, your pitch. I was like okay, let me just click in. I mean I just did it and I started scoring. That's so hard that you know what you were saying? I was like okay, let me just give it a try because I never try any um modeling up before or whatever it is. So yeah and I brought your recourse so the person buying your course, you had more model search for the baby. So then I did um contest Malia contest all your model search then as she won then all of a sudden will play for agency here at Lana Within 25 hours she got she got signed. So and I'm a stay at home mom and you know things are really difficult. So I had the time to like do those applications and that's why it's okay, let me just try to equals and it didn't really work to be honest. I never expect that I mean but yes it happened and I'm so excited, we didn't get any book here but we're hoping we will because the age she is right now there's just few books for the age of Rich is. So that's why we're keeping our fingers crossed that. Yeah. She gonna get booked sometimes, son. But yeah, Kayla, you are a very awesome person. I didn't know you personally, but the way you communicate is like we already know each other. Yeah, but just keep it at what you're doing and you are a great person. Yeah. Have a great day. Bye bye bye bye bye. Goodbye. Bye, bye. There you go. Good job, baby. Yeah.

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