Join Juniper Virtual Sales

April 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nicole Cordova, Sr. Director, Virtual Sales

Nicole Cordova: Hi friends! We are on the hunt for a rockstar SDR, sales development rep leader who would be based out of our Amsterdam Juniper office, really casting a wide net and hoping, hey, maybe this LinkedIn video thing helps us find the right candidate. We're looking for somebody who has experience in leading SDR teams or experience leading sales teams in virtual sales organizations. We're really looking for an individual who's super passionate about coaching, who has a growth mindset, who is interested in creating a team with high standards of excellence where individuals can fulfill their potential. We really are growing very, very quickly here at Juniper and are looking for individuals that can grow with us. So you'll get plenty of investment as a leader in your leadership development journey and it's a really fun environment. So it's a great culture to be a part of, it's a culture that's based on growth and authenticity and yeah, if it sounds like you might be interested, I'm gonna post the application link below and along with our recruiter's name and you're welcome to reach out to me if you have questions or go ahead and apply and we look forward to the conversation. Come and join us!

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