Sandip Ghosh for IEC Employee Spotlights

March 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandip Ghosh

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Sandip Ghosh: Hi, I'm so I've been part of the communication industry for two decades. During this two decades, I've done only one thing that is connect everything, empower everyone. Back in 2004, I developed AD V V R CS satellite communication system to connect residents of remote island with the mainland. My work has empowered airline passengers to stay connected during the flight. I joined uner in 2010, I have worked in various layers of the universe. So stack over the last year plus year from protocol to P F E to platform to virtual. Currently, I am part of the platform team and solving various platform problems outside world. I follow football and badminton. I have two daughters and they are my world.

What's your favorite part of working at Juniper Networks India Pvt Ltd?

Sandip Ghosh: Jenifer gives us an unlimited opportunity to innovate. Our organization gives us creative freedom here. We can do innovation that touches people life. Today. Network has become an integral part of our life and economy. In other words, we can touch and change people live through our creative work.

Could you share a few lesser known facts about yourself?

Sandip Ghosh: Listen. No fact about me. Ok, true fact, Pashtun, I'm not from India. I'm from Barra of the 1980s. I grew up in a small village without any road, electricity, hospital or school. The biggest learning of my childhood was simplicity and frugality. Manage with what you have not ask for more we talk about in India. Simplicity. In uni, I fully understand and appreciate the value of simplicity. 2nd 1, I love the unknown. I go on long road trips without any pilot planning. Imagine going on four days long road trip without booking any hotel in advance. I have done it many times. My love for the unknown has probably motivated me to work in various areas of junior product.

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