Jumpstart Client - Christian

November 09, 2023

The Jumpstart is a powerful week of nutrition and exercise that will help you begin your journey powerfully! Weight loss, Health, and overall Fitness with your amazing virtual Coach, Alex VanHouten!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christian , Virtual Coaching Client

Why Did You Start Virtual Training With Coach Alex?

Christian : I started working with coach Alex because I was looking for a system where I was going to be consistent with my diet, with my exercise and needed feedback and someone to tell me when I was doing things well, and when I was also kind of veering off the path and it needed to be something where there wasn't a huge time investment on my side above and beyond my busy work schedule.

What Were Your Goals?

Christian : I had two goals, uh when I signed up with Alex, my first was that I really wanted to lose around £30 and I also wanted to increase my, my muscle mass because I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn't really happy with the, the muscular, you know, layout of my body.

How Coaching At Better Daily Different?

Christian : The better daily philosophy and lifestyle is different than other programs that I've done in the past, be past. Because this is really a lifestyle change that it's not a diet. What it is is, it's just a, it's a program for how you can actually live your life and it's not super restrictive, but it is disciplined. And if you just kind of stick to the program and the one thing I would say is that the results are very naturally and organically gradual and it's not like a falling off a shelf thing or a crash diet where, you know, that once you lose the weight, you're gonna put it right back on. This is like a sustainable system that you can be healthy for the rest of your life.

How Has It Been Having A VIRTUAL COACH In Your Corner?

Christian : It feels great to have a good coach in your corner. Someone that knows a lot about nutrition and exercise and the right things to do. And I think that Alex has a really good understanding way better than most, metabolically about what goes on in the body. And you just feel like you've always got an expert in your corner at any given time.

How Has Your Virtual Coach Impacted Your Life?

Christian : Since working with Alex, he's really helped me with my, personal self esteem. And obviously I've had, some really good results with, with Alex and, and lost a bunch of weight, but also, gained some good muscle mass at the same time. And really just has gotten me into a routine where if I'm, you know, steady in the, in the exercise portion in the diet portion of my life, it can transfer over to work and, you know, the personal life and everything like that just being system and more organized.

What Would You Tell Someone Struggling For BETTER?

Christian : It's just 1% you got this.

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