Kat for Journey to Secure Online Immersion Testimonial

February 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kat

Why did you choose to attend the Journey to Secure Online Immersion?

Kat: Hi there, I joined the recording because I've been really triggered um with my husband and I have not been having fun with him and um especially around decluttering the house and also the possibility of buying a house.

What was one of the most impactful takeaways for you?

Kat: I only attended, uh, Francesca's saturday session, and I think my biggest takeaway there is how she walked us through how to get out of being kidnapped by your kid when you're, um, I think the term is attending your triggers, so that was really, really powerful for me. Um, yeah.

What makes this event different from others you’ve attended in the past?

Kat: I think that um, what makes this event different or at least the one session that I attended is that, um, there's practical ways of how to let go of your triggers that I learned, which I have not learned in any other program before. Um, it used to be, people would just say, hey, you know, if you're triggered, just let it go like what are we, are we in high school? But with this session with Francesca that I attended, I was told step by step or shared with step by step, how to get out and how to let go. So I've not really experienced or heard that before.

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