Beating Anxiety With Jihi From Florida

November 09, 2023

Coach Alex from the Betterment Co. helps a business owner and mother of two improve mental health and body composition through exercise and nutrition coaching the 1% Better Daily way!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jihi, Business Owner And Mother Of Two

Why did you start coaching with Coach Alex?

Jihi: I started working with coach Alex because my husband who had been working with coach Alex for about six months already. was having phenomenal results. And I was at a point where my mental health and my physical health were at kind of an all time low and I knew that the two were linked and we just decided that it was time for me to do something about it.

What were your goals when you started?

Jihi: My initial goal with coach Alex was just to be consistent in my workout to meet the requirements for the workout. However many days a week he had programmed, but he really has expanded my goals and now, not only am I working towards consistency, but I'm working towards having a functional fitness, a sustainable level of health through diet and physical fitness. that in turn helps my mental health and that's been really great.

How is the Better Daily experience different from other programs?

Jihi: What I love about the better daily philosophy and experience has been that it's holistic and science-based. It teaches me as I go along. So I feel like I'm learning! I not only have the support of coach Alex, but I'm learning things that are based in science that day-to-day. I can make better decisions as I go along and as I age and as my life changes, I can implement the things that I've learned into this holistic approach for nutrition and physical health and mental health. And it's been really exciting and really rewarding along the way.

What does it feel like have a coach in your corner?

Jihi: I've had personal trainers in the past. But I do think that calling Alex, a coach is much more appropriate because before I would show up to the gym two times a week, my personal trainer would just run me through whatever workout they had written up for me that day and then I would go home. But with coach Alex, he really does coach you along the way, he educates you along the way. And every day I get a touch point from him, just checking in or giving me a thumbs up or telling me I did a good job or making a small comment that, helps me in my learning process and in my progress along the way. So it really has been amazing. I honestly didn't think that a virtual coach would ever work for me because I'd only had in person trainers before. And, um I thought, you know, if I don't have to show up for somebody, why would I show up for - well - for just myself? I just didn't think I would do it, but coach Alex has been so supportive and he has listened to everything that I've asked for. we had to do some tweaks to my initial programming because I just wasn't having fun doing the workout and I have to do it for myself. So he listened to all of the feedback I gave him and he implemented all the feedback. And so now my workouts are really fun and enjoyable and they're getting me to exactly where I want to be. so having him, even when I have, you know my low points where, you know, maybe I'm traveling and I'm not working out or I just can't make it. Or, right? I fall off the wagon because people do. he's still supportive along the way and he's so patient and he's, he's ready to just pick right up when I'm ready to start again. and then he still keeps in touch that entire time. Right. And he kept, keeps in touch with a phone call or with a, you know, a message and it's so encouraging to feel like I'm not alone in my workouts and my health journey in general.

How has your life changed starting Coaching?

Jihi: Working with coach Alex has really changed my life in so many ways. One of them is I feel so much more confident in my ability to live a healthy lifestyle and the decisions I make day to day. And I used to have a lot of food anxiety, but implementing a number of the suggestions that he's giving me. My food anxiety has really gone away. I'm able to fast now and not be afraid. I'm able to work out on an empty stomach and not be afraid just little things that help me lower my anxiety level having a consistent workout. That is the way my body likes to work out has been really amazing, not just for the physical results it's given me, but for the mental health results that it's giving me in turn. And so my, my life, I mean, I really am a different person now than when I first started with coach Alex. Now I rearrange my schedule to make sure that I'm working out and I pre-think my, you know, my meal plans. You know, if I'm traveling, I'm always trying so hard to make the right choices now instead of just eating comfort foods. and all of that has really benefited me in such an amazing way and the, the lives of my family as well because I'm so much happier.

What would you say to someone looking for BETTER?

Jihi: It's just 1% you got this!

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