Jessie's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessie

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Jessie : You should join Boho Beautiful's Blissful Body Bootcamp because it really is for everyone. So I'm really busy um with college and work and and I honestly thought that I wouldn't have time to fit it in which is a bit ridiculous looking back on it now. But 15 minutes is very easy to fit in. I got up earlier so I got up 15 minutes earlier to fit it in and which was really lovely because I got to see the sun come up and and hear the birds singing, which are things you missed out on in the morning. But 15 minutes is something anyone can fit in anywhere as well during a lunch break or um at the end of the day. So it's also it's a boot camp for everyone. So the substitution emails mean that you can, the substitution classes in the emails mean that you can take your time. You can do the seven day boot camp over a month if you want, which is really lovely because it means that you go at your own pace, Juliana also constantly reminds you to modify and so you can respect where your body's at. And so I believe people of all sizes and shapes and um busy lives can do it. It's universal and it's universally accessible


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