Michael Tabile for Customer Testimonials

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Tabile

What problem were you trying to solve by switching to Java Planet Organic Coffee?

Michael Tabile: So I was sick of everyday grocery store coffee, the big store coffee's. Um they they're just terrible. I was looking for something new. I so happy that I was able to find java Planet coffee. It's been just an amazing experience.

Describe your experience making/drinking a cup of Java Planet Organic Coffee

Michael Tabile: So I get the whole bean coffee. I love the smell of the fresh grinding, I love the smell of the fresh root coffee. It's uh it's just it's just a great experience and um definitely recommend the whole bean coffee.

What are three benefits you have experienced with our coffee.

Michael Tabile: So I love the fact that I'm actually saving money because I don't want to go to those fast food take out, you know the coffee places? I'd rather just go home. I can make myself a better cup of coffee. Um I also you can it just tastes better and you can just feel that it's better for you than those, those those places. And then really the my favorite benefit is that I love helping out a small business rather than those, those big guys.

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