Why is CX important for your Clients and End-Users?

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jamie Warner, CEO, Invarosoft

Why is CX important for your Clients and End-Users?

Jamie Warner: CX (Customer Experience) Well it's super important for your clients and end users. You've got to remember that when those users are coming to the office, they may be sitting on a bus or driving their car. They're using their phones, they're checking their email, they're checking social media, their stocks, the weather listening to Spotify all these amazing things on their phone. And then when they come to the office and they need IT support and to get the IT support they have to scrounge around looking for a mouse pad or a sticker with your phone and email on it. That is not a modern experience. And so customers are being trained by the consumer technology to get used to this really amazing customer experience. And so you've got to have a think about how you're delivering that sort of experience because if all you are is the voice over the other end of the phone as an MSP, a help desk. Maybe the odd visit by an engineer in a Polo. Or maybe it was an odd visit to consult around their network. It's not a lot of interaction. So how you show your visible value across all the devices you manage is huge and customers love it. They love the fact that if you can make their lives easier, then you're adding more value. So we've got to think more about what the customer wants and how they interact with IT support versus how we structure our tool-set and stack in the background. For too long the conversation is about our RMM and PSA tools We're going to think about the customer, What do they need and how can they interact with us in a modern way. That's where the game is going to be won and your clients will appreciate it.

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