Why is Customer Experience (CX) so important for MSPs?

November 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jamie Warner, CEO

Why is Customer Experience (CX) so important for MSPs?

Jamie Warner: You know, it's a really good question and I've been an MSP for 21 years. And the thing that occurred to me was that at the end of the day, we are just customer services businesses that happen to be in technology. We are not technology businesses. And so over the years that I've been growing my MSP, it became apparent that focusing on the customer rather than focusing from my perspective outward. So the customer inwards, was really the key to understanding what you need to do to deliver an excellent professional service. And I think for MSPs this is where the new battleground is going to be. In this modern age of all these different software tools and technologies that we use that have amazing customer experiences, the same goes for the traditional MSP professional IT service. We need to step up our game in regards to how our customers are interacting with us and how we deliver a modern customer experience. You know, there's a concept that I think about, which is this Nokia MSP. Are you a Nokia MSP stuck in the past with the analog style or are you going to transition to more of a iPhone digital MSP. So I think it's where the game is going to be won. And it really comes down to those small factors when you're pitching for new business, when you're trying to sign up new clients, they want to see that you're delivering a modern approach. So have to think about whether or not your approach is modern or whether you're stuck in the dark ages with a mouse pad and sticker with your phone and email on it.

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