What happens if your MSP doesn't deliver a modern CX?

August 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jamie Warner, CEO

What happens if your MSP doesn't deliver a modern CX?

Jamie Warner: Look, it's a really good question. What are the implications if your MSP doesn't focus on delivering a modern CX Well, there's two things, two (2) metrics that really matter for an MSP and that's your ability to sign up new clients and reducing churn. So you've got to sign up more deals than you lose every year dollar wise and you will grow your MSP. And the funny thing is is that customer experience (CX) is a major part of being able to execute on those two things. So let's talk about new business for a sec. When you are pitching for new business, you need to demonstrate how you differentiate yourself in your service delivery and clients don't really care about the tools that you have in the background. They assume that you're going to have all that tool-set and functionality. What they care about is the service experience they're going to get. So you need to be able to present things like a customer experience platform, Office 365 integrated Client Portal IT Support Apps, all these sorts of things so that they can see the type of modern experience you're going to get. And the reality is what that helps you do is increase the percentage win rate for those new business opportunities that you go and see. You're not gonna win every deal, but it's going to help you win those deals at a higher percentage rate because you're differentiating yourself. So the implication, if you don't do that is that someone else is and you're going to lose to them when they operate that way. That's what my MSP has been doing for a long, long time, differentiating ourselves. And we win 47% of the deals that we enter into because of it. And we keep growing and growing and growing. We're now over getting close to 50 staff with no acquisitions. And so the implication around churn is huge if clients don't see your visible value, if they feel like that experience is slow, is archaic, is annoying in the sense of emails going back and forth for tickets for example. then these are the little things that cause frustration, and eventually it's what leads to an overall frustration in your services. So have to think about those sorts of things. CX is the new game that you've got to focus on and I think there's major implications for MSPs is not focusing on it.

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