Invarosoft Testimonial | CX IT Services | Melbourne, Australia

November 24, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Nelson, Director, CX IT Services

Tell us about your MSP?

Peter Nelson: Hi, my name is Peter. I'm one of the directors of CX IT Services, we're based in Melbourne, Australia, and we're a small managed service provider that looks after law firms and accounting firms.

What problem were you trying to solve with the Invarosoft CX Platform?

Peter Nelson: We've been trying a few ticketing systems and solutions and it's hard to find something that does everything that you need so with Invarosoft, it's a super easy application (client portal) that you can use on your computer or on your mobile device. And it just solves that problem (too many calls, wrong ticket info) for us instantly. It's reduced our phone calls and it's also reduced the amount of emails that we're getting because they're getting logged directly into the ticket system through the app. And it does save you a lot of time.

What's the feedback been like from your clients?

Peter Nelson: The feedback we get from all of our clients is that it's, an easy to use application. It blows them away when we're doing our presentations and showing them this app that we've put on to the computer during the presentation with their logos and colors and the applications that they they use on a daily basis and just how easy it is to use. And so it really makes life easy for them.

What do you love about partnering with Invarosoft?

Peter Nelson: So one of the things we love about partnering with Invarosoft is just their easy and friendly support. So anytime we have an issue, we just log a ticket, they get back to us straight away half the time. It's it's even Jamie himself, the CEO, jumping into the help desk tickets and just delivering that awesome customer experience. And it's what we then try and relay onto our clients as well. It just makes life so much easier having a good vendor and partner that you can rely on.

Why should other MSPs rush to implement the Invarosoft CX Platform?

Peter Nelson: So we highly recommend other MSPs have a look at Invarosoft's IT Support App (Client Portal), it's really changed the way that we're communicating with our clients. It's also won us quite a few deals just including and having your own support app in our sales proposal. So during our presentation we will actually fire up the IT Support App on the computer that we're presenting and it's got their colors and logos and everything all in the App (and Client Portal) ready to go and it just wows them completely. And we've actually just won our largest client to date! So they're basically an 80 store franchise and they've got about 700 staff. So by showing them this app that we could put this on all those stores and they can easily communicate with us and we'd be the central point of contact for all support and the ability to broadcast messages out to all these locations, it won us the deal basically compared to the other MSPs that we're in for this proposal. So we highly recommend having a unique App (Client Portal) like this!

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