How does the Invarosoft CX platform help my Engineers?

November 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jamie Warner, CEO

How does the Invarosoft CX platform help my Engineers?

Jamie Warner: This is a great question. How does the Invarosoft platform actually help your Engineers? Well, firstly Productivity! By getting the right ticket information the first time and stopping that ping-pong match, which you often see with email (support@), you can save 3 to 5 minutes on every ticket that comes through the door via the App (ITSupportPanel). The reason is is that you finally get the correct information in the tickets, you don't have to go back and forth and confirm it with the user. And also you can implement your smart routing and workflow rules to send the ticket to the right team or right person that it needs to be. So productivity wise, it's massive. In terms of Communication, it really helps your engineers be able to communicate outages with our push notifications. So if something like Office 365 is down, you can send a beautiful push notification, to desktop and mobile and let your main contacts know that you're on it and that you're aware of the outage. So that really cuts through the noise of email and helps you improve the communication as well. We've also got Live Chat. So if you want to integrate a more modern approach around your communication (and support) then you can do point to point live chat between our agents and our Engineer App called ITControlPanel So that's fantastic. What else is there? You can also use our vCIO Platform which is fantastic. So if you've got people in your team that need to present recommendations with Invarosoft it's all bundled into one and we have an amazing way of presenting recommendations that uses the buying psychology of good / better / best. We've also got things like Secure Verification. So if you want to confirm someone's identity when they're calling your service desk you can do that, if you want to be able to send passwords securely to users you can do that through the platform as well. So there's a suite of things that you can do you and I must say you can also put an array of Tech Tools throughout the platform, whether it be in our app, you can have speed tests, you could have buttons that link to IP Config, whatever you want to do, you can link it in our app using command line, AppPath Lookup and those sorts of things. Or you can have them linked in the Client Portal. So this becomes the way in which you can guide a user to deliver much faster support by using our App and Client Portal technology. So lots of things to benefit your Engineer Team.

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